Key Decisions

The funeral service

  • Is it to be a burial or cremation?
  • Where will the service be held? Do you want a church or chapel service? In the case of a cremation, the service can be held at the crematorium.
  • Do you want limousines (they seat 7 people) and if so, where do you want to leave from on the day of the funeral?
  • Will there be family bearers (normally 6 people)? We can arrange bearers on your behalf if required. 
  • Will there be hymns or will there be special pieces of music played? You can download a full list of popular hymns here
  • Would you like an order of service? Some families have a photograph of their loved one on the front of the order of service. 
  • Will there be donations to a chosen charity? They are usually collected during and after the service.
  • Would you like us to arrange floral tributes?

Before the funeral

  • Do you wish to provide clothing for your loved one?
  • Would you like to visit our Chapel of Rest to spend time with your loved one?
  • Would you like us to place funeral notices (i.e. in a local shop) or arrange a notice for the local newspaper? We can also arrange online notices on our website and business Facebook page.

After the funeral

  • What do you wish to do with the cremated remains of your loved one? For example, would you like them to be returned to you, would you like them strewn at the crematorium, or would you like us to arrange a burial plot at a local cemetery on your behalf?
  • Would you like the donations returned to you so you can forward them to the charity of your choice, or would you like us to do this on your behalf?
  • Would you like to speak to us about arranging a memorial?
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